Day 48 – We’ve Got Work To Do

It’s day 48 and I should probably be stressing myself out. I have a doctor’s appointment for something in my head that scares me (literally it’s in my head), I have a meeting that will decide if I am part of a startup, and I’ve got financial deadlines to hit. I have to ask myself though, will stressing actually help me out?

Stress is deadly to a human. I have seen how much it can destroy people and create very volatile situations. For something that does not physically exist, it is amazing how hard it can kick your ass. It’s easy to just let it consume you.

Easy is rarely the right path.

I know that making a long list of everything that bothers you is addicting. I know that crying over your own misery is addicting. I know that binge eating ice cream is addicting (this doesn’t necessarily fit in the list but it is addicting nonetheless). There comes a time, however, where you know that the world isn’t such a bad place but that you still have to just deal with the bad cards you’re dealt sometimes.

It can’t always be tropical paradises. Sometimes there is rain and your roof is leaking. Are you going to cry about it? No. Grab some buckets, fix your roof, and then snuggle up in a warm towel. The bumps on the road make you a better driver, so get over them and move on.

Whatever the doctor says, I will follow the recommendations and I will heal. My meeting will go smoothly because I know I can prove myself and that I am worth the time. This month will be rough for money and I need to make up a bunch of it before some deadlines come, but I will do it. I will do whatever it takes to get over all these hurdles and at the end of this month, I will look back and smile at how worried I was.

There is always that little voice that whispers panic into your ear. Nowadays, however, there’s an even louder voice in my head saying, “Get over whatever you want to cry about because we’ve got some work to do.”


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